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The Construction Site Ensemble from Belgrade, Serbia, was founded in late 2011, by the pianist Neda Hofman. Her goal was to organize a group of musicians who shared the same interests and enthusiasm for modern music. The ensemble has twenty members who are all renowned performers with great experience in interpretation of contemporary repertoire. They play in different combinations (from duo to big chamber ensembles), and often perform soloist literature as well. Their repertoire consists of 20th and 21st century music, especially of pieces that represent the historical development of modern music. The ensemble has commissioned numerous pieces of music.

Construction Site Ensemble members regularly perform at modern music festivals such as the International Composers' Review, KOMA and Lasciar vibrare in Belgrade.

Their most recent concerts were held in Tel Aviv (Israel), Zagreb (Croatia), St. Catherine's Church in Vilnius (Lithuania), and in Cetinje (Montenegro). In 2013, they were engaged in the highly successful staging of Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot lunaire directed by Aleksandar Nikolić at Madlenianum Theatre in Belgrade. In the concert season 2011/2012, the Construction Site Ensemble performed at the international festival BEMUS. Members of the ensemble also took part in the first performances of two Serbian operas (Tatjana Milošević’s Who Killed Princess Mond and Branka Popović’s Petersburg).

The repertoire of the Construction Site Ensemble consists of works written by composers from Serbia, USA, Israel, Great Britain, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece, Poland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia etc. Until now, the Ensemble has published four compact discs with contemporary chamber music of Serbian and Montenegrian authors.

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