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Listen how we perform some of our favorite compositions:

1. Srdjan Hofman (Serbia) - Signs for flute, violoncello, piano and MIDI keyboard

2. Svetlana Savic (Serbia) - La vita fugge for mezzo soprano, violoncello, piano and electronic

3. Josef Bardanashvili (Israel) - Metamorphoses for violoncello and piano

4. Ivan Božičevic (Croatia/Serbia) - Chamber Music for mezzo-soprano, violoncello and piano

5. Svetlana Savić (Serbia): O vukovima i vozovima for mezzo-soprano, violoncello and MIDI keyboard

6. Srdjan Hofman (Serbia): Through boxes of sound 1 and 2, for clarinet, violin, piano and electronic

7. Aleksandar Perunović (Montenegro): Pjesnik laže, rijeka teče, žena diše for mezzo-soprano, baritone, violoncello and piano

8. Aleksandar Perunović (Montenegro) Hommage a Czerny for two pianos, eight hands, with LP duo

You are also welcome to check out our promo video from 2012:

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